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Everything you need to know about us

Discover comprehensive health care at Canaclinic.pl. Our clinic offers innovative medical solutions. Trust us to take care of your health!


Offer CanaClinic - Comprehensive health care.

Canaclinic is a place where you can consult your medical condition remotely, without having to leave home. As part of the e-consultation, your doctor will assess whether medical marijuana treatment is possible in your case. In Poland, the use of such preparations was introduced in 2017, and as of 2019 a prescription for cannabis-infused remedies can be filled. With a view to people who qualify for treatment with such preparations, we created our Canaclinic medical marijuana center.

Medical Services Review

Our services include:

First e-visit

149zł 119 zł
  • The first visit is preceded by an initial medical interview in the form of a survey. It is on this basis that the doctor determines the qualification for treatment.

  • During the it visit, the doctor will ask you a few questions about your health. After analyzing an in-depth interview, he decides to issue a prescription.

  • If the doctor finds no contraindications to therapy, he will end the consultation by issuing an e-prescription.


Another e-visit

119zł 99 zł
  • During subsequent visits to the doctor, you will not have to complete the qualifying questionnaire.

  • The doctor will conduct a short interview with you to assess the effects of treatment and adjust the dose or form of the preparation.

  • At the end of the consultation, the doctor will issue you a prescription in electronic form.


What distinguishes CanaClinic Medical Marijuana Center?.

Our services include:


Qualified doctors

Our doctors specialize specifically in the topic of medical marijuana, they will help tailor a personalized treatment for you


E-prescription even in 30 minutes

Ability to receive medical advice quickly, as well as e-prescriptions


Another visit cheaper

Discounts for regular customers, so you can use our services cheaper

Check now if you qualify for medical marijuana therapy.


Our Approach to Health

At the medical marijuana center, we focus on a broad approach to patient health. That's why we employ qualified specialists. The subject of cannabis treatment requires knowledge regarding its use.
Cannabis medicine is constantly evolving, which is why we are committed to ensuring that our doctors are aware of the current guidelines for the use of medical marijuana for specific diseases.
In addition, we make every effort to ensure that the staff working with us is characterized by commitment and empathy in contact with the patient..

The Treatment Process at CanaClinic Medical Marijuana Center.

At Canaclinic medical marijuana center, we take a comprehensive approach to treatment.


The first step is to fill out a form containing the most important health information.


After reviewing the data contained in the form, the doctor conducts a detailed interview with the patient.


After a thorough analysis of the indications, the specialist issues an e-prescription..


On the date agreed with the doctor, the patient undergoes a follow-up e-consultation, during which the state of health and the body's response to the prescribed preparation are assessed.

By taking a diligent approach to all symptoms reported by the patient and their chronic diseases, full individualization in the treatment process is possible.


Individualized Treatment Plans at Canaclinic

At Canaclinic medical marijuana center, every patient is important to us. Taking into account his health situation, tolerance of medicinal substances, allergies and chronic diseases, and even his body weight, we try to create a treatment plan tailored exactly to his needs. Both the dosage and the duration of use are carefully determined by our specialist and tailored individually for each patient.

Support and Care at Every Stage of Treatment

Plan leczenia w naszym centrum medycznej marihuany to nie tylko e-recepta! To przede wszystkim dokładne przeanalizowanie stanu zdrowia i dostępność dla naszych Pacjentów.

We want each person using our services to feel fully supported, with the possibility of a quick e-consultation. Our doctors strive to answer every question and thoroughly discuss the patient's health situation with the patient.